Privacy Policy

Von Treskow treats your personal information as an utmost priority.  The following details what information we collect about you, how that information is held and how we may use that information.

Personal information which is provided to Von Treskow is kept exclusively in our secure web server and privately held in our internal system.  Such personal information may include your name, email address & post code.  This information may be used for future marketing campaigns, including email newsletters targeted to your location.  Von Treskow’s mailing list subscribers may receive information on new collections, stockists & future sales.  Users may unsubscribe from Von Treskow’s mailing list at any time by clicking the ‘unsubscribe’ link in our emails.  We will never supply any information to 3rd parties.

You may request complete details of your information at any time via the contact page of this website.

This Privacy Policy may be updated occasionally to reflect any changes in the use of information.  These updates will be posted onto this page.  Please contact Von Treskow directly should you have any queries regarding this policy.